Rails Hosts

What's Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a popular web framework that lets developers rapidly develop and launch web applications using the Ruby language. If you've written any websites or web application, chances are you've heard of Ruby on Rails.

If you've just finished writing your first website and are shopping around for a host, this is the right place to be. I'll list out some popular hosts.

First, you'll need to decide what type of hosting you want. This depends on your application. Is it a small application that requires little resources? Is it a large application that will require more memory or disk space than average?

There are four types of hosts to choose from: shared hosting, VPS, dedicated, or cloud hosting. Each has their pros and cons. Shared hosting is great for just starting out. Once you grow your application, you can migrate it to a virtual private server. With a VPS, you'll have to manage your own server. This means maintaining security patches and OS upgrades. With dedicated servers, you'll have the same maintenance work but more resources at a higher price. Cloud hosting is a new entry that's quickly becoming popular. Resources come at a high price, but you won't have to do as much maintenance work.

Shared Hosting Services that support Ruby on Rails

Dreamhost is probably the most popular shared host that supports Ruby on Rails. They offer unlimited bandwidth and storage space. They also support tools like Git and Subversion.

WebFaction is shared hosting for developers. They don't crowd their servers and applications tend to run fine on their servers. WebFaction also supports multiple versions of Ruby, so you won't have to do a custom installations. Ruby gems can be installed into your home directory.

A Small Orange offers a wide variety of services from cheap shared hosting to dedicated hosting. They also have VPS plans. It's a great place to start your application and grow it.

Virutal Private Server Services

Linode offers cheap VPS plans with terrific support. They're often cited as one of the best places to rent a VPS slice. As with all VPS services, you're on your own for setting up the infrastructure to run your Ruby on Rails website.

Cloud Hosting

Heroku is gaining in traction. It could actually be the most popular Ruby on Rails host right now. There's very little maintenance and deploying is a simple as a git push. It's free to start out, but will cost more once you scale up the number of servers.

Looking for more hosts?

I've curated a list of Ruby on Rails Hosts which includes the best web hosts that support Ruby on Rails.

Dreamhost is a popular Rails hosting service.

Check out Dreamhost