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Dreamhost offers unlimited storage/bandwidth for $8.95/mo. Ruby on Rails applications can run on DreamHost using Passenger — the preferred setup for shared hosts. You can also customize your setup and use FastCGI.

DreamHost is a great starting point for Rails applications. They also offer significant discounts for annual plans.

Rails websites can be deployed onto WebFaction in less than 2 minutes using their web panel. Whereas some services don't even support git, WebFaction is quck to support bleeding edge technology. You can also install any Ruby gem or third-party library on a per-user basis.

Pricing begins at $8.50/mo which includes 100GB storage, 600GB/mo bandwidth, and 256MB of application memory. Shared resources like Apache, nginx, or MySQL do not count towards your memory limit.

A Small Orange shared hosting supports Rails applications via Passenger. Besides shared hosting, they also offer VPS and dedicated services. The variety of plans makes A Small Orange an ideal host to grow your application.

Pricing starts at $35/year for the smallest shared hosting plan, but I'd recommend you get a larger plan for more storage space.

Linode is a popular VPS host for Rails developers for a good reason. Their support is amazing and they offer great packages on their plans. A 1024MB RAM package only costs $20/mo!

Upgrading from shared hosting to a VPS means a lot of additional work. Shared hosting services usually manage the servers for you. Once you switch to a VPS, you'll have more control but it will also require more system administration work.

Heroku is a Platform as a Service application. Similar to shared hosting, the servers are managed for you — there's less system administration work on your part. Deploying a Rails application is as simple as signing up and pushing your git repository.

The largest benefit of using Heroku is being able to scale infrastructure easily. Need more resources? Simply log into your account and upgrade your plan.


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